We at Monster Cleaning Ealing aim at providing our cherished customers with the most attractive services available in the area. In addition to the very competitive prices that we traditionally work on, we often offer some pretty attractive deals and special service packages, which make our work even more attractive.

Get professional cleaning services for even lower prices than until now!

For example, if you mix and match our Carpet Cleaning Service with an End of Tenancy Sanitation treatment, you will get both with a 50% discount. Sounds neat, doesn’t it? But this is not all, because we are as cool as that. Our special deal of the month includes one free hour of professional sanitation for the next hundred customers who call us for one-off cleaning anywhere in Ealing. There are many other attractive offers that we are able to provide you with at the current moment, so just check them out below. We are constantly offering new great deals so do not forget to stay tuned. We will keep you up in the loop at all times, because that’s how much we care.



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